Special Process

  • Plasma process for abradable coating with robotic automation.
  • HVOF(High Velocity oxy Fuel) process for wear resisting coating.
  • Combustion process for abradable coating.
  • Paint process for sacrificial corrosion resistances , high temperature heat resistances enamel etc.
  • Non-destructive Testing(NDT) fluorescent penetration.
  • Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) Wire cut Process.
  • Vacuum Furnace.
  • Air Furnaces.

Healthy, Safety and Environment

IAMPL, which is engaged in the manufacturing of machined components for aero engines, believes that Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) is a major business activity in performing any task.

The Company believes that all HSE incidents are avoidable and strives to protect peoples' health, have zero injuries, zero environmental incidents and to avoid or minimise any environmental impact of its activities and products.

Whilst we are each responsible for health, safety and the environment, we do much better when we work as a team. We at IAMPL take personal and collective responsibility in achieving our goals concerned with resource conservation, prevention of pollution, prevention of injury, illness, legal and other compliance. We expect our suppliers and contractors to share in this commitment.

We will achieve and continually improve this through:

  • Setting high standards for HSE that always comply with the relevant HSE legal and industry requirements     and drive towards best practice.
  • Integrate HSE into all our business processes and activities.
  • Ensure our employees have HSE training and access to support from competent HSE professionals.
  • Promoting the welfare of our employees and community.
  • Communicating openly with our employees, customers and partners and report regularly on our HSE     performance.