Company Profile

IAMPL is an AS 9100, NADCAP, ISO 14001, 45001 and 27001 accredited company.

International Aerospace Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd (IAMPL) was started in 2010 as a 50/50 joint venture between Rolls-Royce and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for the manufacturing of high precision aero engine compressor, gas turbine parts.

Over the years IAMPL has evolved to become a fully accredited bench marking facility within the high performing aero engine global supply chain. Today, IAMPL supplies close to 200 different parts for multiple technologically advanced civil aero engine programs, with customers and suppliers located throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

The facility was purpose built, which combined with the use of the latest machine tools, CMM's, metal spray booths, & NDT lines gives IAMPL the capability to complete all of the manufacturing processes in house enabling a competitive development and supply lead time.

IAMPL has adopted global standard of quality as well as the latest digital production system and advanced manufacturing technique that are needed for competitively manufacturing a broad spectrum of aero engine components.

The current facility is a 4600 m 2 (50,000 ft 2 ) facility in Bangalore, with plenty of adjacent space for future expansion.


IAMPL, which is engaged in the manufacturing of machined components for aero engines, believes that Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) is a major business activity in performing any task.

The Company believes that all HSE incidents are avoidable and strives to protect peoples' health, have zero injuries, zero environmental incidents and to avoid or minimise any environmental impact of its activities and products.

Whilst we are each responsible for health, safety and the environment, we do much better when we work as a team. We at IAMPL take personal and collective responsibility in achieving our goals concerned with resource conservation, prevention of pollution, prevention of injury, illness, legal and other compliance. We expect our suppliers and contractors to share in this commitment.

We will achieve and continually improve this through:
  • Setting high standards for HSE that always comply with the relevant HSE legal and industry requirements and drive towards best practice.
  • Integrate HSE into all our business processes and activities.
  • Ensure our employees have HSE training and access to support from competent HSE professionals.
  • Promoting the welfare of our employees and community.
  • Communicating openly with our employees, customers and partners and report regularly on our HSE performance.

Mr. K.S.Krishnan
Mr.Venkatesh MS
Mr. Kishore Jayaraman
Mr. G.V Sesha Reddy
Mr. Ravinder Bedi
Mr. James Partington
Mr. Seenivasan Balasubramanian
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Sathish Sivaraman
Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary
Vision, Mission and Values

"To be consistently recognized by our customers, employees, investors and the community as a leader and the company of choice."


1. Meet our customer expectations by:

  • Delivering zero defect products consistently.
  • Delivering high value added solutions at a competitive cost
  • Continuously improving operational efficiency.

2. Employer of choice by:

  • Respecting each employees unique expertise and contribution.
  • Treating all employees with respect and dignity.
  • Motivating every one to reach their fullest potential

3. Maximize return to our shareholders.

4. Support our community and protect the environment where we operate.


Exceed customer’s expectation by providing them with high quality products.

We will achieve the above by:

  • Operating the business to the systems required by AS9100 and customers QMS.
  • Continually improving the skills of our employees through a review of on-going training policy to prepare employees to perform their work more effectively.
  • Promoting the culture of sustainable improvement and getting things “Right First Time”
  • Bench marking and continuously improving the processes.